Knox County Information:

Emergency Coordinator: Jim Norman N4CFB; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Ph# 865-310-8310

Assistant Emergency Coordinator:

County Organization Name:

Middle East Tennessee Emergency Radio Service (METERS), KC4EM

Meeting Night and Time:

4th Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM EST, 1900 Hrs Lcl.

Meeting Address:

1100 Liberty Street, Knoxville, TN., 37919
Most meetings are held at this address. For additional information see the METERS website listed below.

Website Address: 

Middle East Tennessee Emergency Radio Service

Contact (If different from above):

Primary VHF Frequency:

146.940- PL 118.8

Primary UHF Frequency:

442.500 PL 100

Simplex Frequency:


County Net Information:

Weekly Nets: Middle East Tennessee Emergency Radio Service (METERS) Club Call: KC4EM. All VHF nets are held on 146.940 Mhz repeater. The alternate frequency is 146.625 repeater which may have a 118.8 Hz tone. All times are local (EST). The 147.075 repeater is also used for the ARES nets and has a tine of 118.8 Hz. 

Sundays:10m (28.940) / 2m 10:00 PM EST: 2200 Hrs Local

Mondays: METERS ARES Relay Net 7:00 PM EST:1900 Hrs Local - 147.075 repeater

Tuesdays: METERS TN Homeland Security District 2 / RACES Net 9:00 PM ESt: 2100 Hrs Local

Wednesdays: METERS Emergency Training Net 9:00 PM EST: 2100 Hrs Local on the 147.075 repeater

Note: occasionally the net on the 3rd Wednesday will begin on the repeater then move to the 147.420 National ARES Simplex frequency

County Net Coordinator: Please contact Knox County EC (above)